Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Paper Plane...

Yay! I did it!!!

I promised myself I would DO something today - start my journey of discovery... and I did...

And what can be a better thing to start off with than a large dose of humour!

A friend sent a book on cartooning and I got going, scartooning... laughter really is the best medicine!

So here is my first creation - of the 'Paper Plane" series... hope it is not the last...keeping my fingers, toes and whatever else a non-contortionist can comfortably cross, crossed... :)

This cartoon pretty much captures my state of my mind... wanting to make and fly paper planes..getting back to the simple pleasures in life... feeling 'ungrounded'... so here I go... wish me luck...

And I had ABSOLUTE fun making it.. so cheers to man's best friend - humour!


  1. super dessin,very nice,bonne soirée.

  2. Waha pe destination dala hai? Address bheju? Warna udti hi rahegi :D

    Aur plane ke andar baith..bahut snow hai, thand lagegi :D :D

  3. wow, thy hand sure has magic, as does thy mind! a marriage will do wonders. The plane needs a destination, and you are the pilot, time to get going