Friday, November 5, 2010

A (hazy..) light at the end of the tunnel

Ok. Post 2.
A little nervous after the incoherence of Post 1...but what the heck... ‘hum honge kamyab ek din’ and all that...
3 more days of uncertainty... and non-success. The brat still revels in being aggravating, and I still have not found suitable earplugs to stem the Calculus leak from my ears.
And yes, I did finish cleaning up the bathroom tiles – and showed it to my household help, with a ‘ta-da’... expecting her to be impressed. She wasn’t. Impressed, or amused. Just snorted, and gave a sort of a scowl, which seemed to say, ‘How could you do this – kanjoos! Scrounging on my diwali bonus!’
But a picture, of what I really need to do during this break, seems to be emerging – albeit, still hazy...
Will write about it in the next post... (After all, it's sabbatical time, and I want to savour the non-existence of deadlines fully!! J)

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