Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Art of Laziness

Consider this scenario: You wake up with the sound of the alarm at 6 am or some such unearthly hour. The feeling inside you is 33.33% frustration, 33.33% anxiety and 33.33% anger against the world in general. You turn the alarm off and then turn over to take a snooze for 10 minutes before finally (and reluctantly) getting out of your bedclothes. A hurried brushing of teeth and other such stuff, and then it’s time to boot your laptop, to try and complete work pending from the previous day.  Breakfast gobbled up somehow, and then rushing off to work, all the time fearing you’ll miss the train/bus you need to catch and be marked late…

A long day at work, and then back home, dinner ingested, a few cursory words to the spouse and kids, and then to bed – with thoughts and worries related to work at the back of your mind at all times…

And the next morning, the same drill all over again…

The side effects of this kind of lifestyle: You tend to get tired.
Side effects of Lifestyle#1: Getting tired.

Now, consider this scenario: You wake up with the sound of your kids yelling out a ‘Bye Ma’ while going out to school. You manage a lazy half-shout - ‘Bye! Have fun!’, and then turn over in bed… content in the thought that you still have at least an hour’s sleep left…

If it happens to be a Saturday, it’s even nicer. After stretching your sleep to your heart’s content, you wake up and have a relaxed, unhurried breakfast. Then go for a walk in the hills with your daughter, soaking in the pleasant January sun. Stop at the hill top for a round of free hand exercises with her – bang in the middle of the road! (This would perhaps raise eyebrows on a normal city road, but we live in a sort of hamlet and there are very few walkers on this road.) Then walk down to a small park – and enjoy swinging gently on a swing under the shade of a banyan tree, while chatting about all kinds of things with your daughter…

The rest of the day is spent in doing a bit of writing, reading, cartooning, some shopping perhaps… and that most blissful of all blissful pastimes- an afternoon siesta! Come evening, have dinner with the family and then go for another long walk – this time with the spouse. Everything seems calm and unhurried – you feel ready to take on the world…

But, yes, there are side effects of this kind of lifestyle too: You tend to get 'tyred'. :)

Side effects of Lifestyle#2: Getting 'TYRED".

Yes, this is the idyllic life I am leading right now... and I am enjoying it to the hilt! Sure, there are pros and cons of each kind of lifestyle – other than getting 'tyred' (which has already happened to me), in this languorous lifestyle I miss the satisfaction of working on a challenging project... brainstorming on ideas and creating programmes and products that would bring about social change. But the satisfaction one gets from baking a perfect orange tea cake that is devoured with relish by young and old alike, is no less, believe me! The only thing is, leading a lazy, unhurried life is an art - and one has to learn to enjoy it without any guilt pangs... :)

Whatever else, I am truly glad that I decided to take this year-long vacation. I feel rested and refreshed and ready to take on any challenge... I think I’ll begin with the biggest one that I am facing right now – getting rid of the huge tyres around my middle that this ‘idyllic’ lifestyle has gifted me!


  1. I think life is a journey where at every stage one has to prioritize what/where you are needed the most.So to enjoy the small lil things in our lives is what makes it so interesting.The walks with your daughter,the lil chit chats,baking a cake for your loved ones and the many things that you do when you are around your nest is what makes it all very beautiful.Yes the draw backs being the tyre's,or the lull when ones feels that you haven't done anything challenging your mind.

  2. By the way,your day starting with a "bye ma" could be something most mother's(stay at home) might dream but not be able to do it!!The rest too can only be experienced when on a holiday.So my dear you are truly blessed if you can get all the above mentioned luxuries while you take this sabbatical from work.
    Enjoy it and give us many more such interesting pieces to read.You should take to writing full time/or even cartooning for that matter!!:)no kidding!

  3. @ Charisma... a BIG hug right back!

    @ Anupama - You are right, it is truly a blessing that I can start the day with the 'Bye ma'... but that is a temporary state only, I don't have that luxury the whole year round!
    As for taking to writing/cartooning full time, I don't really mind - but I have a feeling that then I won't enjoy it as much as I do now :)

  4. Sucha Singh Roti Kha! :)
    You, I think don't even half realise the rallying point you have become to rest of us around. So what if a few kilo's more or less, and is it not desirable that the centre of gravity anyway comes down - as it is for you? The tires which have become tyres are in recognition of your capacities and potential - do not curb it, let the chocolates and icecreams keep flowing. thick is also beautiful.

    on a more serious note, I think our team has become that much stronger with you around and absorbing all the shocks for all the rest of us. And there is much greater value that you have added - though mostly untangible. Go ahead and take more challenges - but keep the tyring one for a little later, while more important ones are requiring attention immediately. And 'bye ma' a temporary stage - what are you taking about? do you really believe that? Unless you mean a lifetime is a temporary stage. It will pass only with those who do not know Ananya. Of course it is a different matter that despite her bass and pitch, only a Suchi can blissfully sleep through it hidden deep in her quilt:)
    btw did you notice even in your sketches you and Mowgli look alike! And I suggest take only the state of rest as a full time occupation, it is made for you.

  5. Don't even attempt to lose those "tyred" layers. It gives solace to us, who were kinda born that way! You are only getting there now. I feel good. I feel good!

    SO THERE!!!

    (I absolutely forbid you to join a gym!!)

  6. Too late, Gautami! The deed is already done - i went and joined a gym yesterday... but there's many a slip between the cup and the lip - i haven't started using it yet, so....... :)