Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well, I have already written about one of my inventions - my daughter Ananya... but so far, I have mentioned my other invention, my teenaged son Amartya, only in passing. The time has now come to let my friends and enemies know a bit more about this invention too...

You may say, 'Friends, sure, we understand - but why tell your enemies?" Let's say, it's that time of the year where you are supposed to be kind to your enemies... and in a bid to bring some cheer into the lives of those who have long suppressed their wish to boil me in oil and other such stuff, I bring this unique Christmas gift... exposing the terrific torment I undergo at the hands of my teen.

(I notice the dictionary gives four quite different meanings of 'terrific' - astounding, terrifying, frightful and splendid - here, you can choose whichever meaning you prefer, or a combo of all four....)

I will write no more... but the 6000 words below should say it all...
(using the equation: 1 picture = 1000 words)


  1. As new parents, my dad reminded me of something he used to say long long ago, ..."the pleasure n the pain of parenting, you would only realise when you become dad one day!" Enjoy it Suchi...


  2. Well sure... 'no gain without pain' and all that... :)

    Of course my son has turned this saying on its head... for him it's 'no pain without gain' :) ... we need to dangle appropriate carrots for anything and everything - getting up, taking a bath, doing any chores... EVERYthing :D

    But yes, it has been SO much fun, too - would not miss it for anything at all....

  3. Wow, both of you actually look the way you have drawn.
    One secret the world should know - He reminds me so much of you!:)
    I think its so wonderful to haev a guy around with so much peace -even when he invites so much violence around him @#!!